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Monsieur la langue Noctambulante ◭, 18, México. -Mauvais écrivain -Avid lecteur -Pianiste nerveux -Observateur -Numismatique

"...les septs éclats de glace de ton rire étoilé.."

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    Maico Akiba’s Small Worlds.

    Japanese artist Maico Akiba painstakingly creates small worlds or “SEKAI" on the backs of found toys that are exotic and extinct creatures.  The what-if basis of the works here is certainly an alluring one, I can recall myself as a child day-dreaming these exact scenarios.  Take a look at more below!

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Luigi Russolo"Caress of Death"


    Luigi Russolo
    "Caress of Death"

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H.R. Giger. Untitled. 1993.


    H.R. Giger. Untitled. 1993.

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Your local crime fighting / art making gang! 


    Your local crime fighting / art making gang! 

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    By the lovely and talented A-KA

    !!!!! YO

    I want this in my room. u u

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